As a huge fan of stoner and doom music, i thought it only right to design a pickup set which can comfortabaly handle all era's of this style. 

From Sabbath to Electric Wizard, all sorts of sonic mayhem is under your finger tips. High output but remaining soulful and organic, unlike lots of other powerful pups.

  • Hand disstressed metal covers

  • Huge mushroom head hex bolts = Huge magnetic sensining area.

  • Bridge 14k+ dc. Alnico 5 magnet.

  • Neck 11k+ dc, Alnico 2

  • 4 conductor hook-up wire. (lots of wiring options)

  • Hand wound with great care in the UK.

  • No two identical.

  • dc +/- 10%

£70 Plus post

£150 Plus post


Melt your mind with one of the most devistating pickups on the market ever. Smashing through brickwalls with CRUSHING yet Classy molten tone.

Super tight sticcaro riffing and shred leads.

Do you have the balls?


  • Creamated Chrome metal covers (each looks different)

  • Super high output 22/23k bridge humbucker

  • Meaty 12k neck humbucker

  • 4 conductor hook up

  • Truly epic gain

£70 Plus post

£150 Plus post

Old Joe


Classic vintage style humbucking goodness. Classic rock, Blues and soul... It is easy to find that elusive tone at a bargin price.


  • Alnico 2 magnets, for a smooth rounded tone.

  • Great in medium to low gain situations.

  • Vintage braded hook up wire.

  • 7.5k output

  • Hand wound mismatched scattered coils.

  • Bridge & Neck pickup included in price.

  • 50mm string spacing.

  • 42 awg enammel wire.

£70 Plus post

£150 Plus post



With a mean late 70's early 80's vibe, the REEFER is a true rock n roll pickup. With its giant black hex button poles, every deatail within that huge magnetic field is reproduced with clarity and raunch.


  • Available in Bridge & Neck position

  • Choice of finish

  • Alnico 5 magnet

  • Hand wound quility, each pickup is unique.

  • 8k+ dc resistence

  • 4 conductor hook-up wire, for various wiring options

  • Made in the U.K

  • Wax potted

£70 Plus post

Neon Knights

My love of Sabbath has lead me to try and replicate and offer to you the vibe of mid70's Humbuckers used by Iommi.


  • 17/18k dc bridge humbucker

  • 9k dc neck humbucker.

  • Fat ceramic magnets.

  • Full fat stoner riffs and ranchy leads

  • 22 poles in each pickup.

  • 4 conductor wiring available

  • Wax potted

Cosmic Slayers mk2

These are the signiture pickups of Mothership guitarist Kelley Juett.

  • High output ceramic bridge humbucker

  • Powerful neck humbucker alnico 5

  • Versitle set that will cover all of your rock and metal needs.

  • Trip on the ship.




These Bladed monsters Will cover all your Thrash, Punk, Crust, Death needs plus much more.


  • Monster steel blades

  • Huge ceramic magnets provide the juice

  • Bridge and calibrated neck set

  • 4 condutor hook-up wire

  • Avaliable in Black, Red, Aged yellow, White, Green or Pink.

  • Wax potted